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Welcome to my life

Rachael DeLanoComment

In 2016 my life changed in way I could never have imagined...but lets step back a second. 

Like so many other women in their 20's I was lost, lonely, and searching for something. Anything. I felt like my life was falling apart and I was stuck just watching it. I wanted to be happy, but thought that happiness was not something I could achieve. I had done so much to get to what I thought was a "good place". Everyday I fought with anxiety and depression to just pull myself out of bed. 

Then I remembered a friend of mine telling me about how she hiked the Appalachian Trail. She talked about her trip with a happiness that I could only dream of having. The stories she told me were crazy, but I was intrigued. She told me about the trail years earlier when I first met her, and then she unexpectedly died. Even thought she was no longer in my life physically, her spirit and the idea she she left with me stayed. 

Thats when I decided I would follow in her footsteps. I would hike the Appalachian trail, all 2,189 miles. And that is what I did. 

On April 16, 2016 I took the first steps that changed my life. I went on an unimaginable journey and found true happiness for the first time in my life. On October 22nd I completed the trail. From that moment on I knew I would have to keep going. 

In 2017 I thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and in 2018 I will embark on a thru hike of the Continental Divide Trail.