Mt Jefferson Wilderness

Rachael Delano

In 2016 I embarked on a life changing adventure. I thru hiked the Appalachian trail starting on April 16 and completed my journey on October 22. After that I was hooked. I returned home to NYC and started planning my next trip. My first trip was a bike tour from Pittsburg to Washington, DC. Following the bike tour, after taking a brief break to work, I started my next through hike. 

In 2017 I thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail starting on April 27th and completing the trail on September 23rd. Once again I am back in the city post hike. I am working and planning for my next big adventure, the Continental Divide trail. 

In 2018 I will be begin my thru hike of the Continental Divide Trail. Stay tuned!  


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